Quick  guide to gemstones and the meanings


The Gemstones and Healing Crystals

 Arabic; Positive results from seemingly hopeless situations

Amazonite; Calming Love Balance

Amethyst; Healing Dreams Happiness

Arrow Head; Strength Healing

Aventurine; Peace Luck Gambling Money

Blood Stone; Victory Courage Power Wealth

Carnelian; Protection Peace Sexual energy

Citrine; Anti-nightmare Psychism

Copper Peacock; Energy Direction Money Luck Love

Crystal Quartz; Master healer Positive energy

Fluorite; 3rd eye Grounding Physical perfection

Garnet Red; Love Devotion Regenerating Energizing

Garnet Green; Success in Business Self confidence

Hematite; Grounding Divination Absorbs negativity

Howlite White; Calming Wisdom Insight

Howlite Blue; Insomnia Dream recall & interpolation

Pyrite; Money Luck Confidence

Jasper Red; Protection Defensive Magick

Fancy Jasper ; Protection Drives away evil

Lapis; Love Friendship Emotions

Lepidolite; Cosmic awareness Shamanic journey

Moonstone; Moon Magick Dreams Change

Obsidian Black; Protection Grounding Peace

Obsidian Snowflake; Meditation Inner centering

Rose Quartz; Trust Harmony Emotions

Smoky Quartz; Protection Relieves fear & depression

Rhodonite; Peace Anti-confusión Balance

Desert Rose Selenite; Reconciliation Energy

Serpentine; Longevity Wisdom Meditation

Tiger’s Eye; Money Luck Divination Energy

Petrified Wood; Past-life regression

Mica; Divination Protection

Worry Stones Onyx; Calms Soothes Relaxes

Unakite; Uncover deception, see beauty in life

Blue Calcite; Healing and Majick

Green Calcite; Prosperity, Success, Fertility, Good Luck

Orange Calcite; Emotional Healing, Overcome Fear

Red Calcite; Energizing and Detoxifying

Yellow Onyx; Steadfastness, Determination, Letting go

Sardonyx; Strength, protection, reconciliation, clarity, vigor

Blue Agate; Reach higher spiritual spaces and inner attunement

Blue Lace Agate; Calming Stone, Tranquility

Lodestones; Attracts Power, Fortune, Love

Blue Onyx; Grounding , Valuable for difficult times

Sodalite; Stimulates endurance, Athletes stone

Devil Pods; Ward off evil

Agate; Child’s Stone, Protective Energy

Selenite; Reconciliation. Brings mental clarity