About Us and our products healing crystals and more


Majikal Gardens is the Metaphysical Magickal Shoppe at Highwinds Farm  and Highwinds Farm  ia the home of Highwinds Herbs 


All our herbs are organic or wildcrafted

and Majikal Gardens has many hard to find herbs  

We are Hunter gatherers and We hunt the Wild Asparagus and gather all the known and unknown Magickal Herbs

If I can not find a Magickal Use for it I don't pick it 

Healing Crystals Gemstones & More

Also our love for healing crystal and stones take us to many mines all over the United States and most of our crystal we have mined ourselves. I love to bring home a bucket of Red Dirt to see what beautiful crystals I get. 

Metaphysical Products

We make our kits and We Blend our Oil Mixtures Using EO. herbs, Resins and Crystals

WE do 3 events in NYC every year Witchfest USA, NYC Pagan Pride and Fort Tryon Ren Faire

To all our Friends

See You There

To Everyone